LifeGroups represent a vital aspect of our ministry structure.  Complementary to our Sunday Celebrations, LifeGroups serve to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and deeper relationships.  LifeGroups are designed around four clear Biblical goals/purposes:



Create an environment where people can pursue Christ-likeness through application



Create an environment where people can give and receive care



Create an environment where people fellowship - participate together



Create an environment where people can be released in the gifting of the Holy Spirit


At Cityview, it’s important for us to have small groups where we can develop intimate relationships as Scripture constantly underscores the centrality of relationships.  These groups also provide a safe context in which to invite friends and neighbors who may not yet know Christ. So in that sense, LifeGroups are missional. LifeGroups are not just a program at Cityview; they are fundamental to being a church.


Each LifeGroup has a relaxed atmosphere and they typically consist of 12-16 people.  Our groups generally meet for about 2 hours bi-weekly , throughout the week, at various locations across York County.  Please visit our Current LifeGroup Listing  tab for more information concerning meeting times and locations.