We encourage everyone to use a giving envelope each time they make an offering to Cityview Community Church.  This enables a person to receive quarterly updates and yearly statements, which provides the option to take a deduction for tax purposes.  Please fill in your name and/or your envelope giving number to ensure proper credit for your gift.  If you do not know your envelope giving, you can call the church office for this information.  This number can also be found just above your name on the giving statements.

Giving Options

Cash / Check

If you are enclosing a check or cash, please mark the “Cash/Check” box on the offering envelope and designate where the funds are to be utilized.

Electronic Fund Transfer (ACH Direct Debit from Checking or Savings Account)

Direct Debit is available for your regular giving to Cityview Community Church.  This technology works just like direct deposit, as you may be familiar with through your employer payroll.  You may choose to have a set amount withdrawn automatically from your checking or savings account – this could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  You may also choose to give varying amounts at any time by marking the “direct debit” box on the offering envelope and filling in the amount.  The designated amount will be electronically withdrawn from your account within 48 hours.  A signature on the envelope will be required for this transaction.

This agreement can be changed or canceled at any time.  Authorizations Agreements are available from the church office or here.

Visa / MasterCard (Credit or Debit Cards)

Cityview is able to process credit or debit card transactions as a giving option.  Cityview does not, in any way, condone the accumulation of debt for the purposes of supporting the ministry of the church.  With the proliferation and convenience of debit cards, this has become a viable option.  In order to use this benefit, you must fill out and sign a Visa/MasterCard agreement.  Please contact the church office if you desire to receive an agreement to complete.

PayPal (Online Giving)

Online giving is also available by using PayPal.  To access this service as a giving option, please click the "Donate" button below.  Log into your account and you can make an online contribution to Cityview Community Church. 

NOTE:  Of all the stated giving options available, the use of credit cards is the least encouraged option by the church.  Besides the issue of possible debt accumulation, Cityview must pay a percentage of each donation.  The church also pays a processing fee for each transaction.  If you choose this option, please keep in mind the fees that will be passed onto the church.  PayPal also charges a percentage for each transaction.

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