Volunteer Team
God has blessed us with a fantastic facility to gather together as a church family. Along with this great blessing comes the responsibility to care for it. The Custodial Care Team is a phenomenal  team of volunteers that serve on weekly rotations to see to it that the church facilities are clean and presentable. The Custodial Care Team is divided into three segments, outlined as follows:
·         Restock supplies
·         Clean mirrors, dispensers, faucets, etc
·         Wipe down counters and walls
·         Clean sinks, toilets and urinals
·         Wipe down appliances
·         Sweep/Dry mop tile floors
·         Wet mop all tile floors
·         Vacuum carpeted surfaces
·         Spot clean as necessary for spills, stains, etc
·         Empty trash and place in dumpster
·         Wash windows, wipe down  window sills
·         Dust all horizontal/vertical surfaces
·         Clean water fountains
·         Wipe clean entrance glass and interior door glass
You may volunteer for one or more segments of the custodial care. Please email office@cityviewyork.com  to get more information or to volunteer. The Custodial Care Team is a dynamic and vital ministry here at Cityview. We would love to have you join the team.