Children are important to us at Cityview. We have multiple ministries for children from birth through grade four on Sunday mornings. There are also many opportunities to serve. 




Nursery ministry is provided on Sunday mornings for children birth through 24 months. Parents will find the nursery a safe and welcoming place for their young children to be while they attend worship.


Our desire is to partner with families to provide life-changing opportunities for children ..... We utilize a workshop rotation model to help our kids:

  • Know Him (Worship)
  • Know Each Other (Fellowship)
  • Know Themselves (Citizenship)
  • Know Serving (Calling)
  • Know Core Values (Principles)

 The Children's Ministry currently meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30am ..... and the weekly rotating workshops are as follows:

  • Visual Workshop (Drama, Puppets, Video)
  • Active Workshop (Games, Activities, Fun)
  • Listening Workshop (Lessons, Stories, Music, Prayer)
  • Creative Workshop (Crafts, Hands-On Projects)

Each child will participate in each workshop once a month on a rotating basis.  Our classes are broken down based on age as follows:

  • Pre-School
  • Children (Grades K to 4)

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 5 & 6) 

Middle School age children will meet for a special class called Route 66 which is an age-appropriate survey of the big picture of the Bible. This class will help these students form the over arching themes of the Bible in order to excite and encourge them to engage personal Bible reading and study.

Children, grades K to 6, remain with their families during Sunday morning worship. Classes open during our congregational greeting time following our morning music/worship time.


  • Nursery Helper (one Sunday morning per month)
    • email Tanya Miller:


  • 2 PreSchool Class Helpers (one Sunday morning per month)
    • email Arla Jacoby:


  • Middle-School (5th/6th grade) Class teacher (one Sunday morning per month)
    • email Rich McClellan:

Here are some pics and a video of this year's Vacation Bible School: Camp Kilimanjaro